NFL Picks - Week 14

There seem to be some good opportunities here in week 14 of the NFL. There are so many dominant teams, facing below average teams at less than a TD! That's crazy. Take Houston for example, why are they not at least a TD favorite? There are also interesting auto-fades that the models picked on: New England and Carolina. 

Week 14 Picks:
  • New Orleans -5: Fade the Panthers, auto-pick.
  • Pittsburgh -6: Fade the Patriots. Trubiski has a better QBR career than Pickett. 
  • Detroit -3: Buying Detroit low, Bears high. Plus they cover.
  • Houston -5.5: What? The Jets haven't scored more than 13 points in the last 6 games.
  • Philadelphia +3.5: Dallas strength of schedule has been easy. They have trouble with good teams. Plus, the sharps are on the Eagles.
  • Green Bay -6.5: Huge DVOA differential. Packers with the much better QB. Offense wins games.
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