NFL Picks - Week 11

What a great week last week was! 3-1 ATS, that Titans bet now looks embarrassing. Barely covered in all 3 wins. Pittsburgh, Colts, and Lions all within 3 points. A bit disappointed that I didn’t pull the trigger with SF knowing Deebo was going to make a huge difference. Week by week, we make strides. Let’s go two in a row. We got 4 games I feel good about.

Just look at who the Chargers have beated and played. Their schedule has been much tougher and they hang around with the best. Now against Green Bay, the skill level will be noticeable to them. Road Spot: I’m attractive to short road favorites. Not ideal it’s non-conference but this Chargers offense will put up points that Green Bay will not be able to keep up with. 
  • Allen's Playing: Keenan Allen is the maestro of the Chargers' scoring symphony, and he's likely to hit the field on Sunday. His recent performance has been a key driver of the Chargers' offensive prowess. 
  • Defensive Duel: Neither team is flaunting an impenetrable defense, but beware the Mack-Bosa train – it might just roll into town reminiscent of the Bears game. Herbert's Hype: In the battle of quarterbacks, it's not just a box; it's a whole checklist. Herbert is not just better; he's in a different stratosphere compared to Love. Check that box, Chargers fans. 
  • DVOA Discrepancy: DVOA speaks, and it's saying something fishy. A 20% point difference overall, yet only a 3-point spread? Something's off, and we're smelling value for the Chargers on the road.
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