NFL Machine Learning Picks - Week 8

Hey, sorry I haven't been posting here not even one a week. I'm gonna start again. You missed a great run last week. It's all on Rokfin now. But I gotta stick to my roots and continue my personal blog here as this is where it started 15 years ago. Can't believe I'm still using this crappy blogger. Oh well. Here's the free pick of the week for week 8 and it's a good one!

Arizona +3.5

Last week the models were very close on the spread but with the return of Hopkins we told you of a huge opportunity with WRs. Long story short, wide receivers are undervalued and improve offenses more than predicted. We will pound this theory again this week, but this time the analytics/machine learning models have the upset. Vikings could be the Bears last year, the weakest 5-1 team so far. The Vikings defense ranks 25th in the league and they are even worse against the run. Hopkins gets opportunities and Kyler rushes for over 80 yards and they put this to bed. Not a big fan of taking a 3.5 road dog but Arizona +3.5 and moneyline. Let's gooo!

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