Joining Rokfin

Rokfin is the first platform to pay creators the full value of the digital network. While other digital networks like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube hoard the value of network effects, Rokfin shares the value of the network with creators. Users pay $9.99/month to access ALL the premium content from on the site from ALL creators including NFLPickles, fighter Ben Askren, comedian Adam Hunter, progressive Niko House and my favorite magician Tom Interval.

Rokfin uses the RAE token in order to pay creators the value of the network. Blockchain technology is ideal to share the value, but also by putting all the data in a blockchain, everyone can see what's going on. Digital networks nowadays control all the data and creators don't have all the cards when they are at the negotiating table. We're all somewhat involved with bitcoin in this world, and Rokfin has found a valuable way to use blockchain to run a real business. Find out more about the RAE token here.

By endorsing my channel on Rokfin, you:

1) help me continue doing my passion.
2) get access to all the cool stuff on the site.
3) access post season NFL Pickles picks

Please help me continue doing what I love...