Making NFL Spread Picks in 2010

For those of you who haven't followed me in the past, here is a quick overview of what happens in this NFL point spread picks blog:
  • Different from other handicappers, I don't claim I can predict at 57%-58% or that last week I was 4-0 so you can pay me money. I put myself out there for you. If it works we all win, if it doesn't, I have to go back to the drawing board or throw the towel.
  • My theory is that you cannot go to a casino and consistently beat the house. With the NFL spread, the "price for the game" is set by people (or a collective group of people) and the price may not be necessarily as efficient as the stock market supposedly is.
  • My statistical models to predict point spreads take into account many team-level statistics. I provide you each week with the model's point spread prediction, a confidence level, picks and a betting strategy that are kept track of in the top right table of this page.
  • In a few situations, we deep dive into a game and analyze their offensive and defensive momentums as well as point spread stats and trends.
Your feedback is very important to me and other readers so feel free to comment. Many thanks.
Lets win!