No Conference Picks, NFL Pickles on Vacation

I am currently on an enchanted island in the Caribbean. The statistical software that runs the computer based NFL picks and game simulations was left in Chicago. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be back to put up THE super bowl pick with score predictions.


Jaime said…
I ran the model, after the fact. Just because I wanted to see what it would spit out. Of course, not including the IND/JETS and the NO/MIN game. I don't included in a post, because after all its after the fact. I know some won't believe me, I never believe the emails from Wpicks saying "last week 5-0, buy my pick this week".

It amazes me how well the model does in the playoffs. Is it because the teams are giving their all out best? What is so different about the playoffs, that their "close to the mean". It predicted the spread correctly in both games.

Blogger doesnt allow me to diplay a table so here is what is said.

IND -8.7 59%
NO -6.3 57%

Publishing my Super Bowl pick very soon.
Unknown said…
So what your saying is we all would have won some money if you posted the picks! Thanks alot, hope you got a nice tan from your vacation!