2009 NFL Teams: Offseason Acquisitions, Injury Updates, and New Strengths

The 2009 NFL season is two days away, but before we start making picks, lets research how teams fare compare to last year. Below, I share with you some key points concerning a team's injuries, draft picks, and trades; and whether this will impact the team positively or negatively.

  • All 3 +1000 yds WR (Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston) are back
  • 31st selection in the 2009 NFL Draft Chris Wells, a 6-1, 235-pound adds RB strength on 3rd downs
  • Antonio Smith is gone, expect Warner to get sacked even more
  • Both coordinators, Todd Haley and Clancy Pendergast, are now with the Chiefs.
ATLANTA: Stronger
  • Tony Gonzalez!
  • Rookie Matt Ryan is not a rookie anymore.
  • Tougher schedule
  • Defense looks weak
  • Flacco is not a rookie anymore.
  • Tight end L.J. Smith doesn't add much to the offense
  • Derrick Mason turns 35 this season, his +1000 yds season will not repeat
  • RB Ray Rice is stronger, more experience +1000 yds season
  • A bit older but strong defense: Reed, Ray Lewis, McAlister, and Rolle
  • No kicker decided yet, Stover 41 is out
  • TO! Terrel Owen is in town. If the offensive line can protect their quarterback, he'll have a great year.
  • Weak offensive line
  • Poor sacks numbers, just like last year (24)
  • Delhomme is older (34) and more inconsistent than last year
  • Frank Omiyale and Geoff Hangartner left and make the offensive line a bit weaker
  • Steve Smith is one of the best WR in the league
  • Defense against the run will be a weak point again this season
CHICAGO: Stronger
  • Cutler!
  • Good chemistry between Cutler and Bennett
  • Three additions to the offensive line: Pace, Shaffer, Omiyale
  • Weaker defense, but good against the pass. Urlacher and Briggs lead.
  • Matt Forte gets fuerte.
  • Carson Palmer is back and healthy
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh left to Seattle
  • Benson might finally post a good season if rookie 6th overall pick Andre Smith opens the lanes for him
  • Keith Rivers is back and Rey Maualuga rookie from USC make a not so bad defense even stronger
  • Same QB problem (Quinn vs. Anderson)
  • Rookie WR Brian Robiskie poses some threat, but Winslow is gone
  • Jamal Lewis has no speed left, downhill
  • No significant upgrades on its struggling defense
DALLAS: Weaker
  • No Owens, no problem. Strong receivers in Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton, and Jason Witten.
  • Marion Barber will continue to push through his way to the goal.
  • Weaker defense. No replacement for struggling Zach Thomas, Canty left, Greg Ellis (8 sacks) also left.
DENVER: Weaker
  • Kyle Orton is the starting QB when his finger gets healthy. Good luck!
  • Brandon Marshall was arrested and charged with misdemeanor
  • Rookie Knowshon Moreno is a great RB talent
  • Last year's worst defense is as bad this year, no significant additions
DETROIT: Stronger
  • No. 1 overall pick Matt Strafford might be the franchise QB Detroit needs.
  • The offensive line was not strengthened well enough
  • Julian Peterson and Larry Foote should help improve their terrible defense.
  • Packers are packed with WRs: Driver, Jennings, Nelson. Rodgers should improve.
  • Running game is still weak, and no acquisitions on the OL were made.
  • New defensive coordinator will switch things around. Would it be for the best?
HOUSTON: Stronger
  • If QB Matt Shuab stays healthy, the passing game will be their strength.
  • Offensive line has improved over the years.
  • Defense was strengthened with Antonio Smith and 2nd round pick Connor Barwin.
  • A new coaching staff.
  • Marvin Harrison is gone.
  • Manning is backed by last year's strong receivers Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez
  • First round RB Donald Brown will help both the running and passing game.
  • Run defense is still weak. Defensive tackles Fili Moala and Terrance Taylor were 2nd and 4th round pick. Rookies will need more time to develop and strengthen the defense.
  • Offensive line last year's injury problems no more. Vince Manuwai (July) and Maurice Williams are back. Signed William Tra Thomas and drafted 1st and 2nd round picks Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton.
  • Expect Garrad to post numbers similar to his 2007 campaign and Maurice Jones-Drew to accumulate lots of yardage.
  • Defense weakness from last year will repeat this year.
  • Don't expect QB Matt Cassel to post numbers as he did last year with the Patriots.
  • No Tony Gonzalez :(
  • Defense will be as bad as last year's.
MIAMI: Weaker
  • Tougher schedule this year.
  • Injuries (Donald Thomas) affect the offensive line.
  • Jason Taylor (35) is back on D, safeties are strong, but are they strong enough?
  • Favre (40) will not save the team.
  • Wideouts Rice and Harvin will be very effective.
  • Offensive line has improved, Peterson will be deadly.
  • Defense will again be good against the run.
  • Tom Brady is back!
  • Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis were acquired to run with Moss.
  • The Patriots signed Chris Baker which will make Watson a stronger TE.
  • RB problems. Will Maroney and Sammy Morris do the job?
  • Corner Leigh Bodden was signed to strengthen the D.
  • Pierre Thomas will get the ball more and the rest of the #1 offense should be as good as last year.
  • The defense will be slightly improved with draft pick Malcolm Jenkins and corner Jabari Greer. Linebacking is still a problem.
  • Burress is gone.
  • Draft pick 6-1, 212lb. Hakeem Nicks at WR will replace Plaxico.
  • The defense is stronger than ever with Osi Umenyiora back to play.
  • No. 5 Overall pick Mark Sanchez is reporting to camp.
  • WR Coles is gone.
  • Chris Baker, TE, signed with the Patriots.
  • Thomas Jones will continue to bring up the running game.
OAKLAND: Slightly Stronger
  • QB JaMarcus Russell does not look in good shape and lacks good targets.
  • Newly acquired Khalif Barnes will enhance the offensive line.
  • Defense will look better with Richard Seymore
  • Depends on Westbrook's health because rookie RB LeSean McCoy needs time.
  • Eagles got Jason Peters from the Bills. I think he'll dominate.
  • Defense coordinator is on leave of abscense. Still Philadelphia's defensive line is one of the best in the NFL.
  • No major changes, this team should be as strong as last year.
  • Nate Washington left. Backup QB Leftwich left.
SAN DIEGO: Stronger
  • LT has health issues no more and at 29 can comeback to his 2007 numbers.
  • Antonio Gates is healthy.
  • Shawne Merriman will not be 100% and draft pick Larry English will be hit or miss in helping the pass-rush.
  • Pass defense will once again struggle. LB Kevin Burnett was signed from Dallas.
  • Assuming Hill is the starting QB.
  • Newly signed Marvel Smith run blicking should help Frank Gore's running game.
  • Stopping the pass will again be a liability, but stopping the run will again be its strength.
  • Mike Singletary will coach them to victory.
SEATTLE: Stronger
  • Hassellback is supposedly completely healthy.
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh is in camp.
  • Last year's rookie TE John Carlson will shine once again.
  • Signed RB Edgerrin James
  • Only one upgrade to a terrible defense, and that was corner Ken Lucas.
ST. LOUIS: Slightly Stronger
  • Needed upgrades to offensive line were made including: center Jason Brown and draft pick Jason Smith.
  • Torry Holt is gone, no good targets for Bulger.
  • Improved their run defense Dorell Scott, Orien Harris, and James Laurinaitis.
  • Need to figure out their QB mess in order to take advantage of their WR strength.
  • The defensive line is a huge concern
  • Chris Johnson will be deadly, once again. The OL will help him find the right holes.
  • DT Albert Haynesworth left to the Redskins. Weaker defense.
  • Washington's young offensive crew will develop (Jason Campbell, Devin Thomas, and Malcolm Kelly)
  • The offensive line was upgraded with Derrick Dockery at left guard.
  • Albert Haynesworth, the NFL's most dominant defensive lineman was given $100MM to play in Washington.