Divisional Picks 2008

I apologize to everyone that follows my blog weekly for not submitting the computer point spread picks last week. The reason being was that I took a vacation to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Although you can find internet everywhere, I just could not find the time to sit down on a computer and run the point spread model. You can blame it on a combination of factors including: golf, beach, rain forest, sight seeing, and a baptism fiesta.

I am back in Chi-town ready to see my divisional playoff point spread picks win. This week, unfortunately, the predictions are very close to the Vegas point spread for all games. In a wager situation, I would sit out this week because nothing is standing out screaming a pick. For fun's sake I will pick each game and give you my picks and point spread predictions. Here are this week's NFL point spread picks:

Pick 1: Visiting Underdogs Baltimore +3 correct NFL point spread pick
Pick 2: Visiting Underdogs Arizona +9.5 correct NFL point spread pick

Pick 3: Home Favorites Pittsburgh -6 correct NFL point spread pick

In general I am comfortable with the results to these picks. Halfway through the season, I thought I would not bet against the Giants and I still hold this opinion. The model shows Philadelphia covering, but barely so this game will be out for this week. I like Baltimore (even winning the Super Bowl) and the Carolina game has a wide spread for a divisional playoff game. San Diego's run will be stopped by the home mighty Steeler defense.

Read more to see the point spread predictions for each of the 4 divisional playoff games.

Good luck!

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siggy said…
Your playoff run continues, but following yesterdays picks I do not agree with the logic of Pittsburgh.
You went with the model on the other 2 why not stay with the model?
Pittsburgh will be your loser.
siggy said…
Great week--I was totally wrong.