2008 NFL Spread Picks Conference Championship

Four teams left, three games to go and although we've had a rough year in 2008, I hope to come out perfect in the playoffs. I said I liked Baltimore to win it all this year and Mr. Flacco would become quite a rookie sensation after it. The computer picks are pointing at Baltimore being very underrated this week. My model is predicting Baltimore by 6 when it is Pittsburgh at home that is favorite by 6.

Before looking at my picks I thought Philadelphia would be the game that would be way off. It is not, according to my model it is priced efficiently. Still, the computer predicts Philadelphia by 4 when they are favorites by 3.

Consensus likes Baltimore also, 60% confirming they will beat the spread. Philadelphia, on the other hand, I am really surprised that the consensus is slightly favoring (53%) Arizona to cover the spread. In any case, here are my NFL point spread picks for the Conference Championship games:

Pick 1: Visiting Underdogs Baltimore +6 Jacksonville +6 incorrect point spread pick
Pick 2: Visiting Favorites Philadelphia -3 Jacksonville +6 incorrect point spread pick

As always, read more to find the raw point spread predictions.

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