NFL 4-0 Sweep this Week, get Monday Night's Pick HERE

I get the "NFL 4-0 sweep this week" emails every week from various sites selling picks. I have always wondered how truthful they are, but never had the extra money to pay and find out. Has anyone tried? No one can be perfect or even close to perfect every week. This week, as you have witnessed, it is my turn to truthfully say it. Here it goes:

Dear Reader,

We pulled off the perfect 4-0 in the NFL this week! If you are interested, you can see this week's picks in my previous blog post.

This season we have completed a total of 26 picks, 17 of which have been correct for a total of 65% ATS. To finish off the week, we have one NFL pick left, Monday Night Football.

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Pick 5: Washington -2 incorrect point spread pick


siggy said…
Great job. I stumbled on your sight
and back around week 2 of this year and found your picks to be solid week in week out. And you go and top it off with a 4-0. Excellent--keep up the good work.
siggy said…
I have a question for you. What made you choose Washington on Monday Night when your model showed Pittsburgh with the largest probability to win factor for the week?
Jaime said…
The model did show Washington. A negative spread implies it favors the home team. For MNF game, we had a spread of -2 (for the home team) and a prediction of -4 (higher spread in favor of home team).