2008 NFL Week 13 Picks

Thank you all for your encouragements. Some of you have given me great ideas to develop on and some have just given me the encouragement to keep this experiment going. This week my picks are based on the model's predictions, as always, but the confidence measure is being ignored. I am posting picks on the predictions that are farthest from the spread without any teams suffering from recent injuries or changes.

This week, all I had time was to upload last week's data and run the model. Comments for each game have been avoided as well as the point spread predictions. I feel confident this week's picks will come through as we all munch on turkey legs. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Ignoring misconceptions, team discrimination, and going back to my old self of picking teams based on statistical predictions, here are week 13's NFL point spread picks:

Week 13 RESULT: 4-0 Perfect!

Pick 1: Kansas City +3correct NFL point spread pick
Pick 2: New Orleans +3.5correct NFL point spread pick
Pick 3: Pittsburgh +1correct NFL point spread pick
Pick 4: Tennessee -11correct NFL point spread pick


Aceten said…
is there a book or a website wehre I can get weekly schedule, point spreads and results for the last 10 years of the NFL. I need to back test a system
siggy said…
Great week at crunch time. Keep up the good work. I love it when my picks coincide with yours. They are both usually right. My problems come when your picks disagree with mine. Then we are both about 50-50.
Unknown said…
I didn't get to see your entire table of picks w/ the confidence % etc. for week 13. Can you publish it?

Thanks for the analysis and the picks. I was fortunate to find this website, however, unfortunate to begin picking your picks the last 2 losing weeks. No matter. I love numbers and would love to see some raw data and analysis on say, one pick of your choice if you could.

Thanks in advance :)