A Great 2007 NFL Season

Thanks to all my readers for your visits, encouragement, and feedback in this 2007 NFL season. In only 3 years of analyzing NFL spread data, we have made great progress in improving a computerized strategy to detect games where there is an EDGE and an opportunity for gambling. This progress has been achieved by back-testing different strategies, reading scientific papers on the NFL spread market, using readers' feedback, and of course hard work.

In the past 2 years, I have felt comfortable providing my statistical results (free of charge) to you. This year not only did we improve our ATS percentage to 61% and created better computerized strategies, but the reporting and stats have improved significantly. We were able to detect trends in momentum/yardage and head-to-head spread history. Next year our goals are to: 1) improve the stat reports/graphs even more to provide you with even more useful information, 2) improve predictions and detection of spread inefficiency above 61%.

Once again thank you for following my blog.

Sincerely, the future NFL spread handicapper of all times,



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