2013 Recap from NFLPickles - Short Story, Great Finish

What a great way to end the year! That puts me at 5-1 in Super Bowl Picks but a lowsy 3-6 in Conference Championship for the last 4 years. Terrible, so the 57% is driven mostly by Wildcard and Divisional games.

Except for this year! The 3-0 finish puts on at total season percentage of 55%, boy it could've ended ugly but it didn't. What's impressive and more important are the yearly totals, think long term, "it's sports investing" I tell my wife. 6 seasons, 1 went under 42%, 1 broke even 52%, and 4 went positive: 55%, 56% (2008), 60% last year, and 62% (2009).

Some claim I should have more this year and some say I should have less.  I hear the points from both sides. These have inspired my next year's resolutions:

Next year:
 - I have to be more aware of injuries, I could've saved 2 to 3 games. It's the low hanging fruit. 
 - I will go to Vegas for an NFL weekend, late in the season (when my record is much better)
 - Provide a comprehensive report to all my premium members: "Trends Against the Spread(ATS)"
 - Regular season picks will remain free.
 - I will give Twitter and Facebook ads a run for its money.

Thank you all for your great support,